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Laser distance meter | With all measuring optionslaser afstandsmeter in gebruik

Are you looking for a laser distance meter to accurately measure distances, areas and volumes? For example, for tiling your bathroom or for calculating the surface area of ​​the wall so that you know how much paint you need? At Techweise you will find laser distance meters that make measuring easier than ever. Our laser rangefinders are equipped with the most extensive measuring functions and are extremely accurate. Order your new laser rangefinder today on this page!

What is a laser rangefinder

A laser rangefinder is a useful tool for people who want to measure precise distances. This could be for doing odd jobs in and around the house, measuring distances on a construction site or measuring distances while playing golf.

There are different types of laser rangefinders on the market, but they all work the same way. The laser rangefinder sends out a laser beam and then measures how long it takes for it to bounce back. Based on this, the device can calculate the distance to the object. The Techweise laser distance meter also has functions such as calculating areas and volumes.

An advantage of a laser rangefinder is that it can measure distances quickly and accurately, without having to make physical contact with the object. This is especially useful if, for example, you are working in a difficult-to-reach area or if the object is too hot or too cold to touch.

Portable laser rangefinders are also available, meaning you can take them anywhere. This is useful when you are on the road and want to quickly measure distances.

Compared to other rangefinders, such as a bar meter or tape measurer, laser rangefinders are often somewhat more expensive. However, if you often need to measure distances or if accuracy is important to you, it is probably worth purchasing a laser rangefinder.

The advantages of a laser rangefinder

A laser rangefinder has a lot of advantages, but the biggest advantage is that you no longer need a clumsy measuring tape. If you want to measure longer distances, a measuring tape or tape measure quickly bends, preventing you from getting an accurate measurement result. Moreover, calculating an area can be quite a job. With a laser rangefinder, on the other hand, you point the laser meter at the measurement target and click one button. After 0.8 seconds, the measurement result is displayed on the clear screen, making measuring a lot more efficient. Moreover, it makes calculating surfaces and volumes a lot easier. What is also useful is that the laser distance meter automatically adds up all results. So you never have to do mental arithmetic again!

How does a laser meter work?

Although the laser meter is equipped with a lot of functions and options, it is easy to use. This is because the menu is self-explanatory, so you only have to choose your desired measurement option. For example, if you want to calculate an area, point the laser meter at the desired measurement target. The laser reflects from the measuring target back to the device, allowing it to calculate the distance in no time. Then point the laser rangefinder at the next measurement target, in this case the width, and click the measurement button again. The laser distance meter now automatically calculates the area. A useful additional feature is that you can choose the desired measurement reference yourself. For example, imagine that you want to measure the distance between two walls. You then place the laser distance meter against the wall, choose the “rear measurement reference” and the laser meter takes the length of the laser distance meter into its calculation. 

Laser rangefinder with 50 m range

The Techweise laser distance meter 50m is the most popular laser distance meter within our range. 50m is more than sufficient for most households and do-it-yourself projects. We will soon launch a new laser distance meter with a range of 100 m for professional DIY projects, for example. 

Buy a laser rangefinder at Techweise

You can recognize a laser rangefinder from Techweise by three points; they are extremely accurate, easy to use and at best effective. This is because the laser rangefinder is equipped with the most extensive functions, but is still easy to use. This way you can quickly measure the surface of a wall, the contents of an object, distances and so on. To make it extra easy, you will find useful instructional videos on our YouTube channel so that you know exactly how the laser meter works and we will explain all the functions to you. If you order your new laser meter before 10:00 PM, it will be delivered tomorrow. Do you have questions or need advice when buying a laser distance meter? Please contact us and we will help you immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

With our laser rangefinders you can measure distances with an accuracy of approximately 2.0 mm.

With our laser meters you can measure distances, areas and volumes, but also perform indirect measurements and continuous measurements.

Yes, our laser meters are equipped with a smart memory so that previous measurement results are stored on the device.

Yes, the laser rangefinder comes complete with 2x AAA batteries, a case and a safety cord.