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Do you have a blockage in your home and are you therefore looking for a sewer hose for your Kärcher high-pressure machine? At Techweise you will find sewer hoses in different shapes and sizes. View our full range of sewer hoses and get rid of annoying blockages for good!

Sewer hose for Kärcher

A sewer hose is the most effective and fastest solution against blockages. Thanks to rear-facing high-pressure nozzles, the sewer hose launches itself into the pipe, cleaning everything in its path. All our sewer hoses fit the Kärcher high-pressure cleaners K2 to K7 and Winner, meaning the sewer hose can be used on almost all Kärcher machines. You click the sewer hose onto the gun of your Kärcher high-pressure machine, turn it a quarter turn and you are ready for the job. Do you have a different type of high-pressure machine, but you still need a sewer hose? Then take a look at this sewer hose with rotating head. Apart from Kärcher, this sewer hose also fits on an Aldi, Lidl, Lavor, Bosch and other high-pressure cleaners with an M22 thread.

Which sewer hose for which blockage?

If you have a blockage that is deep in the pipe, for example a sewer blockage that starts at the street; then a sewer hose with forward nozzleswill suffice perfectly. The forward nozzle sprays far ahead, clearing even the deepest blockages. Do you have a blockage that is less distant and easier to reach? Then a sewer hose with backward spray jetsperfectly suffices. All sewer hoses are equally powerful and will unclog any type of blockage without any effort.

What type of sewer hoses can I find at Techweise?

The sewer hoses differ in lengths and types of nozzles. Whether you need a sewer hose of 10 meters, 15 meters or 20 meters; you will find it all on this page. You can choose a sewer hose with forward radius , backward radius but also with a rotating head . A sewer hose with rotating head is perfect for cleaning the pipe 360°. You can then install the forward spray head to clean the front of the pipe as well. This sewer hose comes with multiple nozzles.

Types of blockages to clear

Unfortunately, every household experiences it at least once a year; a blockage in the drain, toilet or sewer. Is the drain unclogged? Then it's time to get your high-pressure machine out of the garage and install the Techweise sewer hose. After 10 minutes of cleaning, the drain runs smoothly again. Moreover, with a sewer hose you clean sustainably and environmentally friendly because you only use the power of water. This way you leave chemical products in the cupboard and the sewage water and your pipes are not affected. So sustainable!

Order your sewer hose today from Techweise

If you order your sewer hose today, you will enjoy a clean drain or toilet tomorrow. Moreover, you save on plumber costs and you always have the best solutions against blockages within reach! Do you have any questions or are you still unsure? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you choose a suitable sewer hose.