12 new tips for streak-free and effective mopping in 2023

12 new tips for streak-free and effective mopping in 2024

When it comes to cleaning your floors, mopping is one of the most effective ways to maintain a fresh and clean environment. However, no one likes those annoying streaks that are sometimes left behind after mopping.

Luckily, there are some great tips you can follow to ensure streak-free and effective mopping. In this article we share with you 12 useful tips that you can apply for sparkling clean floors.

1. First choose the right mop

Before you start mopping, it is first important to have a suitable mop. You can choose a floor wiper, a mop or a mopping set. We prefer to use a mop set, because this is a complete set that makes mopping nice and efficient.

We use the Techweise 4-in-1 mop set. This mop set has a spray function, wringing system and collapsible bucket.

In addition, you always want to mop with a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth mop is great for picking up dirt and stains, and they leave less water behind than traditional mops, which helps reduce streaks.

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Avoid old mops

Old and worn mops can spread dirt and grease instead of absorbing it. Choose a clean, well-maintained mop and make sure the microfiber cloth is clean before you start mopping.

2. Preparation is key

Before you start mopping, start by vacuuming the floor. This prevents dirt from spreading while mopping. It is also important that you can go about your business immediately and not have to clean up while mopping.

So make sure you clear the floor of belongings and clothing. You don't want to move too many accessories while mopping, because this releases a lot of dust.

3. Mop with the appropriate cleaning agent 

Always use a cleaning agent that is suitable for your type of floor. Too much detergent can cause streaks, so follow the recommended dosage. It is also advisable to consult the manual for your floor.

Some floors, such as tiles, for example, require special treatment and should not be mopped. Do you have a laminate floor at home? Then mop with laminate cleaner. 

4. Choose the right technique

Mop with cold water instead of warm water

A common mistake while mopping is mopping with hot water. Warm water evaporates faster than cold water, leaving soap residue and streaks on the floor. This causes a greasy floor after mopping. Moreover, bacteria love warm water, which only makes the floor dirtier!


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Do not mop too wet

Too much water on the floor can leave streaks. Make sure your mop is well wrung out before you start. That is why it is advisable to mop with a mop that allows you to control the wetness. Therefore, choose a mop with a wringing system, such as this mop.

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Work from front to back

Divide the floor into sections and mop systematically. This ensures you don't miss any areas and helps minimize streaks. So it is best to mop from front to back.

5. Rinsing and wringing out the mop

Rinse your mop regularly in clean water to remove dirt and soap residue that can cause streaks. This also ensures that you do not spread the dirt further over the floor. So it is always best to work with a mop set that is equipped with a wringing system. This is not only useful for the floor, it also keeps your hands nice and clean!

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6. Let the floor dry thoroughly after mopping

Are you done mopping? After mopping and rinsing, allow the floor to air out before walking on it again. This helps prevent water streaks. This also prevents dirt from your feet or shoes from sticking to the floor.

To speed up the process, you can also choose to put up the windows after you have finished mopping. This makes the floor dry faster.

Mop the floor with a dry cloth

What can also be useful is to wipe the floor with a dry (clean) cloth after mopping. This means that the wet floor does not have the opportunity to absorb dirt and dust and you also keep the laminate dry. If laminate becomes too wet, it can expand.

7. Beconsistent, even with mopping

Mop regularly on a schedule to prevent dirt from building up and causing streaks. This keeps your floor nice and clean and you can enjoy your floor for much longer. Some floors need to be mopped more often than other floors. A good rule of thumb is to mop at least once every week.

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Extra useful tips for mopping

1. Use vinegar solution

A solution of water and vinegar can help prevent streaks and give the floor an extra shine. In addition, this is an environmentally friendly alternative to regular cleaning products. Vinegar is a lot less harmful to the environment than, for example, an all-purpose cleaner. 

2. Use a steam cleaner

A steam cleaner can provide deeper cleaning without leaving much water behind, minimizing streaks. This makes it easy to remove stains that you cannot remove with a regular mop. In addition, you do not need any cleaning products, which is again better for the environment. For example, you can use this steam cleaner for effective cleaning.



With these 12 tips in mind, you'll be well equipped to mop streak-free and effectively. The right mopping, preparation, technique and drying all play a role in achieving shiny, clean floors. By cleaning regularly and tackling small spills quickly, you can enjoy floors that always look like new. Always first research carefully which cleaning agent you need and then choose a suitable mop. 

Preferably a mop with a wringing system and a bucket for quick and effective mopping.